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Quantitative machine learning guidance based on intrinsic value: Audited Track Record, Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is value investing?

Intrinsic value investing or fundamentals investing is investing based on first principles analysis of key financial and operational opportunities of a business.

Is machine learning and artificial intelligence really applicable to value investing?

Fundamentals investing is a quantitative field, which fits ML and AI. Further, value investing stresses natural language understanding paired with quantitative financial metrics. NLU capability with quantitative supervision is a breakthrough application via massive scale language models. We're at the outset of a new quantitative fundamental revolution!

Is it easy to apply ML and AI to value investing?

We make it easy to integrate ML and AI into our workflow. With Amicus Copilot, leading ML analysis produces quantitative recommendations.

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Multi-AI identifies macroeconomic perturbations affecting
growth and intrinsic value

Product Team

Amicus AI is created by former NVIDIA, Google, and Bank of America Wealth Management specialists in artificial intelligence and personalized financial services respectively.